Wednesday, January 14, 2009

... Rollercoaster ...

Sometimes when you think you are getting off the ride it is just beginning!
So I took the urine test that that drs office requires yesterday (1-13). This morning, checked the results online....negative!!
I took another home test....still pregnant.
So I called the drs office at 540am and left a message, that was probably just jibberish, since I was in shock! I took the day off work, I couldnt handle it!
They called back and said sometimes their test wont show if its too early. So in for bloodwork I went. To make sure the numbers are there. Then I go again Friday to make sure they are increasing as they should.
Sheesh....I would say the worry is over, but it is just beginning I suppose!!
But on another note, we did find a perfect house to rent. Complete with nursery right next to our room!
Fingers crossed, prayers every minute!!

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