Saturday, January 17, 2009

...Just numbers right? ...

Well I went in for my first beta on Wed, Jan. 14th. The # was 55. Drs office said that yes I am in fact pregnant. They did another blood draw on Friday, Jan 16th. Now numbers should double every 48-72 hours. My number on Friday was 79. No exactly doubling, but still going up. I was less than relaxed. Tears, lots of them. Dave, my rock, researched it and said low numbers, as long as they are rising are good numbers. Plus it could be that it takes my body 72 hours, not the 48 that I did. So now we just wait, as the drs office isnt open again until Tuesday. The rollercoaster continues. Not to mention, the same day I got results #2, I went to a baby shower afterward. I could only muster enough strength to keep my emotions under wrap for 1.5 hours. Oh well at least I went. So prayers continue and my husband, who I love even more today than yesterday, continues to be my rock, my support, my hope and my encourager. Thank God for him!

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