Sunday, August 7, 2011

Worst Blogger ever ...

Sheesh almost 2 months with no updates! While I realize blogs are great for keeping good records of life events there are a couple of challenges that come along with that responsiblily ...

1) Time ... always about time
2) Things to say ... the kids do lots of great things, but ....
3) Remembering ... sometimes by the time I am here, I forget what they were!
4) *this should be the #1 reason really* FACEBOOK ... since most of the living world is on Facebook, lots of photos and updates go on there, which makes it even harder to post on the blog.

I know I need to be better at it. Even if its only 3 short sentences a day. Who knows if Facebook will be around for the kids or what next social media will be invented. Who knows, blogger may not even be around! LOL Which is why I should just print it out as a book for them. We will always have books, right?!?!

Anyway, Ill try to be better .... but no promises!! LOL

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