Friday, December 17, 2010

Photos and update

Well we had the twins 9 month check up this week. Sawyer is a whopping 12lbs 8.8oz and Miss Libby is still my tiny at 10lbs 15oz. I told her that people have babies as big as she is. No thank you! LOL Both babies are doing really well. They are so far on track for their adjusted age. It is such a blessing to have good check ups.

I am really looking forward to Christmas. Though I know they won't remember, it just puts me in a good place to think of how far they have come and how truly blessed we are to be celebrating Christmas this year as a family of 4, together, at home. So many don't get to come home, some don't make it out of the hospital. I pray for them daily, we have been there.

On a lighter are some photos! Hooray for photos!

Happy Boy

Happy Girl

The 2 Toofas!

Gotta brush those teeth!
*forming good habits-fingers crossed*

Just a plain cute Christmas photo

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