Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November lets try to stay on top of this now!! Whew!! many things to be Thankful for! Healthy babies being at the top of that list!
They had their first road trip down to LA for Thanksgiving. They did pretty well, but the last 2 hours of the ride, they were clearly done being in the car.
Libby actually started laughing out loud when I made faces at her (11/27). How wonderful to hear the giggles of your babies. It makes everything right in the world.
They got their first RSV shot on 11/9. They will continue to get these shots every 4 weeks until March. As of 11/9/10 Libby is 11lbs and Sawyer is 12lbs. Funny to think of our tiny boy, the big one now! Sawyer only has 2 more appointments with his oxygen doctor and then he is cleared! Whoot! Both babies are getting big and strong every day!
They are full of smile and giggles and rolling all over the place! They sleep in their own cribs in their room. Though Sawyer still wakes 1-2 times a night. Not sure if its because he needs to actually eat or just wants mommy. A work in progress, obviously. Libby..well she sleep like a champ! Unless of course she is woken by her brother on some occasions.
It is so fun to watch their personalities emerge. Sawyer likes attention all the time, lots of stimulation, but also loves to just have screams of joy for no reason and blow bubbles while he chats away to a toy on the floor. He is a big smiler! So happy to give them away freely to anyone who is willing to look. Libby is super mellow baby. She is content just watching her surroundings and evaluating the situation. Her smiles are saved for those special moments, when she feels it is smile worthy. She also loves to chat, but it is so soft and gentle it just makes me melt. She loves her swing and any toy that she can shake to make a noise.
We have another High Risk assessment in February to make sure they are meeting their milestones. They are now almost 9 months old, but developmentally 6 months. It is hard to believe that our babies are almost 1 year old. It has been a roller coaster of emotions but soo worth the ride!

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