Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home and beyond

Finally everyone is home! It's alot to take in. Yes, we were exhausted. Yes, our house was a mess. Yes, we rarely prepared a good meal, but most importantly Yes...our babies were home with us!
I can't say much eventful stuff happened in the months after the babies got home.
Lots of appointments. Sawyer had bi-weekly eye exams, which totally stunk! Libby had follow up brain scans for ventricle growth, which she was cleared until she's a year. Sawyer did have his brain bleed, but while still in the NICU they had done an MRI, so that cleared him until he is a year as well. He still had the bleed, but it was very slowly decreasing in size. Only time will tell, but in the mean time, he is our perfect boy!
At first when the babies got home we had lots of weight checks, weekly! The babies weren't necessarily gaining at a rapid weight. So we did bottle feeding with breastmilk to see what they were getting. Long story short, I was determined to nurse. 2 lactation consults later, me losing my mind and finally throwing everything out (scales, timers, charts, etc), and letting my body and my babies control ... they nurse! It took some time and LOTS of patience but they are doing well. Are they big ol' babies...Nope...but we are okay with that!
They had their first 4th of July in Colfax with my family. It was nice. They even "saw" a parade. Sawyer was on oxygen until the end of July, when he was finally strong enough to no longer require it, day or night.
In August they had their first overnight stay in Oroville (we only bring our children to the best towns! LOL) We went with my parents on their new boat. So lots of firsts, water, boat, overnight! They did really well and LOVED the water. I cant wait until next summer. Yipee for water babies!
September/October - not much went on, that I can recall. The babies are getting bigger and bigger. RSV season is coming up. This is very scary for premature babies so we will basically be on lockdown for the winter. The babies lungs will not be "fully" developed until the age of 2. So we have to take extra precautions until then. They celebrated their first Halloween as Mickey and Minnie, but weren't able to stay awake long enough to trick or treat or even greet!

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