Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My perfect models

So, being a photographer, I, of course, take a billion photos of my children. Luckily, they are pretty cooperative most of the time! I wonder how much longer that will last?? The other day I dressed them up in "grown-up" attire and snapped away! I got some great vintage shots, which I call Timeless, but I am not sure if that is right, since, well, they are clearly during a time period! Oh well! Anyway, I used Dave's dad's old hat and my grandmothers hat for Libby, along with some pearls and Daddy's tie. They turned out so adorable!

The twins had their 4th round of RSV shots this last week. Yuck! Next month will hopefully be their last round, but we won't know until then if RSV season has ended. Sawyer weighed in at 13lb 7.9oz! Libby was 11lbs 9oz., she is my slow gainer...oz by oz!

They are so much fun right now! With Sawyer crawling in every direction we have had to move some things around. Like the dog bowl...he was very enticed by that and even a stern "no" wasn't getting the job done. So up on the table it went. But, I had to take a picture of course! Daddy didn't think it was near as funny as mommy did!

They also had their first experience of swings at the park by our house. They were neither impressed or excited. But they tolerated it! I thought it was so cute that they both fit in one baby swing, back to back.
It is hard to believe that tomorrow they are 11 months old. WOW ... almost 1 year ... I am so blessed!


Clearly having a great time!
My friend suggested this for a sitting exercise! I have such cute laundry, if I do say so myself (which I do!)

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